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Monday, November 29, 2010
#121 8:12 PM

wow. have been ages since i was last here
i nearly forgot i got a blog here
just read mh's blog
erm. kinda moody?
everyone got their own mindset
and can make own decision
i tink if we wan our life simple
dun care abt others
i know it will be damn selfish
but if the concern we showed doesnt get appreciated
i tink i rather give those concern to those needed
like kids in orphange?
i tink i will go visit them again tis christmas
friendship is the hardest module in the world
sometimes if you try hard to maintain it
but in the end u will still lost it
i believe there r still someone who can be our true fren
mayb alr beside us
mayb we haven meet them
as frenship doesnt last long
i hope we all treasure our current frenship
no fighting no angry
but sharing, b loving
wah. wad an emotional post
i got my new phone
i tink bcoz of the theme
i it damn much
but the earpiece seems not working fine
tis is the 6th week of my ITP
i m truly feel great there
de ppl are nice
somemore i got car as my great companion
we gossip alot too XD
and many many many thanks to my supervisor
he gave me a DIST for my first month intern ther!
wow. i cant imagine first month i can get a DIST
i learn many thing from my supervisor
i did alot sql script, troubleshooting in Opera n CRM
doin report, using excel bla bla
first month of ITP is over
n we left 3 months more over ther
i starting to feel headache on my future
should i study? should i working? or should i working n taking part time study?
my colleague said tat she can c I m more than ready to join the workforce
i wanted to lighten my dad's burden
dun wanna to spend his money anymore
but if i wan to continue study
i still need his financial support
aiz. aiz. aiz.~
dunno when is my next post
n dunno anyone of u found tat i did come to update ?
with love ♥

Wednesday, July 28, 2010
#199 9:56 PM

i just found tat i only wrote few post for tis year
tis few month almost one month got only one post
which is..
like shops no sales
goin to close soon

because of tis final year project
we spent alot of effort on it
time and energy
everyday squeeze my brain to tink how to solve the problem
sometimes squeeze until got abit blur liao
i cant admit tat i enjoy to do the coding
but i cant imagine if i have to continue the same thing
tink of those solution tat i cannot tink of now
n work under those fussy ppl for another half year
although it is just internship
although i may not get a better internship

there r so many pros and cons
i wish to tell myself mayb i can
but another side of my mind is telling me it would be hard
anyway 2 more months den onli we know which company we r attached to
let god make the decision barh

today is fyp phase 2 presentation
i m sooooo nervous
since the client tat we used to contact had resigned
n now we have to present it to another grp of ppl from aljunied town council
they arent bad actually
they just telling the truth wad we will face if we work outside in future
BUT we r students wad
we got few other assignments on hand too
and the most important thing is our last meeting with Remi he was ok with everything
now den u say we tis not good tat not good
y dun u come for the last meeting ? =.=

another thing is the back button
i know it is the "highness" request
but actually u can c from the android forum
if anybody asking for the back code
ppl will say tat there is no the need to code for it
yala built-in btn already there
somemore other app in android phone wher got physical back button
of coz we can do it
but the user need to wait longer for the loading time lo

i wish i can rilly wash my hand off from tis project
AJP still got lots of coding need to figure out
den tml math quiz. i sure last minutes den take a look
luckilly after today presentation
the client side only want us to do few certain things only
the rest... c who so unlucky lor
do internship ther, den will need to sort out all of the problem
so today we went home earlier
my vege goin to spoil liao
coz last few days stay back late in sch
so today after reach home
do quite a lot of houseworks
like laundry, change bedsheets, wash the fan, sweep floor, mop floor
and cook some vege for dinner
as we had our lunch late today
so dinner vege is enuff

now i feel i m in a clean environment

i miss our first year in poly
lets organize some outings in tis YOG break

Friday, July 2, 2010
#118 9:29 PM

we were sooooo busy for the final year project
n i try very hard to spend some time here to update my blog
i dun even got tat mood or time to find any pic to upload
but mayb tis few

tis is super funny
i laugh until cannot c my eyes
tis is the way we destress
laugh for nothing

last last week after the android course at NTU
we went JP2 to have our PT dinner @ ding tai fung
the only guy in tis pic is our lecturer in charge of the project
he is sooo helpful! =)
hope with his help, together we can win the competition
at least 3rd prizes pls~
den we will get prize of CASH! $$$

last few days we met our client to show him our project
and to clarify any doubts we have
during the meeting
he told us tat there will be a proper launch of this project to the public
on 16th july!
so he asked us to finish b4 and have some round of testing
which means
we left less than half month to complete tis project!!!
although he say we can exclude the admin functionality
but we still got some complicated and small issue to solve
many many small issue add up will be quite alot
especially those very hard to solve one
which 15 days is quite a tight period for us
dunno since when i everyday at home will open my eclipse
although sometimes did nth
but i were facing the codes almost everyday
was quite glad tat we did alot already
but.. still alot coming

goin to do ISEC assignment later
i know if i not working part time job
i will have more time to do my sch work
but since i working
i need to plan my timetable very well
so everyday got time do project, do assignment, enuff sleep, and cook for myself

it's JULY!
its a new start and our project goin to end?
i know. even the coding part over, we still need to do alot of things during the YOG break
phase 2 report, video for the project, AJP assignment? preperation of end of module exam?

i dont have anytime to do or think of anything else
one more week i need to go back KL for my grandma's birthday celebration
will skip few days to work on the project
feel so sorry to my teammates
so lets jia you together ^^

Monday, June 7, 2010
#117 10:41 PM

LOOOONG time no come update le
but i m not nick
so i will keep on update when i m free
not like him left his blog dead there

now using sch de laptop
Lenovo T400
actually it is quite nice to use leh
and the battery can tahan sooo long
good good good

feel lazy to update blog recently
after phase 1 presentation
we all seem slow down the pace n isolate the project for a while
so we can focus on mst
and some other assignment
but due to some reason
we must and have to chiong for the part 2 coding


but because of the codes is very new to us
actually for me till now i still dun have the exactly idea on how to code will be
like we really need to validate the user inputs?
or the server side will do tat?
den wad should we do?
just need to focus on sending n receiving part??
wad should other team members do during tis time?

haiz haiz haiz

tml is mid semester test of mst
tis week only got 2 days got test
which is on tuesday and thursday
since my roommate is away for holiday
n i can use the room all my own
decided to stay here n not goin back jb
n force myself to study!

planned go cofeebean study today
but xl not goin
den in the end miao also cancelled it
so i study on my own
after 2 chapter2 of ISEC
played few rounds of mahjong
n continue with my math

last sem of math
last sem of studying all tis thing
lets work hard!

Sunday, May 23, 2010
#116 11:13 PM

it is a tired day
parkway parade tis few days having crazy sales
our shop also have some vouchers
soooo cute
today sales very good
i m sooo tired~

if not wrong
it was the 3rd times we got subway chicken teriyaki burger from boss
3 continuous sunday we ate subway
abit sick of it
but like wad my colleague says
it is better than no free food!

Stationery island had new apron again
it is the 4th apron i wore within this 1 year + i worked here
i still prefer the black zebra one
last few days finally hand up our FYP phase 1 report
although we r quite relax compared to others
but mayb also can says tat we started earlier
n move on faster?
hope everything will move on smoothly like now!
my dear AJP
sorry tat i had negelected u
but i really wan to spend more time on android rather than u!
ok la
will rush assignment tis week!
den FYP de coding
so many things to do
plan to go back home tis week if possible
i miss my home so much

oh ya
tat day lincoln use my laptop do some sample code
do do do
suddenly my screen turns to rainbow colour!!
i believe tat a person would turn pale when he/she is tired
n mayb my laptop is complaining we were using him to code too much
he needs REST
so he turns rainbow colour
n wanted to scare me n give me warning
all my netbeans or vb or eclipse are in XP
i will still spend alot of time to coding with it

Sunday, May 9, 2010
#115 11:11 PM

mummy, i ♥ u
just back from work
super tired
dunno y
my body here and ther feeling ache

today get my april pay
boss raised up abit my pay again
so happy
it somehow covered my bus fare
n sometimes even save up my lunch
coz our boss sometimes will buy us meal
for good sales
or for motivate us
subway, or auntie anne, or famous amous, or lady boss make de sushi
or kfc, or mc donald, or.....
today is famous amous de double chocolate cookies

took one day leave for ytd
went back jb on friday after HOTP
cant do the android without my laptop with eclipse installed
so wanna take a nap since tat day woke up so early
but, the weather was sooooo hot
i cant sleep well n keep on perspiring
even i swing the fan face to me n make it stop oscilating
still cant sleep
wake up shower and help mum for dinner

after dinner
went sing k with my jb clique
sing until 1++am and reach home around 2am le
use facebook a while den faster go slp

the next day saturday
woke up 8am to acc my parents go eat breakfast
went grandma house in the afternoon
grandma there got a malay family getting married
went their house eat even we dunno them
malays is like tis one
invite ppl go their house eat
n u can also bring along ur fren

wanna take a nap or rest at grandma house
but my little cousin wan me to be their tutor
give them tuition
i taught them kindergarden's english
and primary 4 malay and math
it is not easy to be a teacher
need to talk so much
since the day b4 i went sing k with my fren
i was almost no sound le
somemore tat day dinner was steambot
to celebrate mothers day
luckilly now my throat still okay
but still very full

the only way for me to stop growing fat is stay in singapore
it is too far for my parents to pamper me
n i normally dun eat much here

last wednesday
after the project management quiz
we 5 girls go watch IP MAN 2
it was nice!
but i tink the story line is about the same as the first IP MAN
one is fight with japanese
and the current one is fight with ang moh


i accidentally dropped my mouse to the floor
n it was spoiled
n found tat my laptop's right click button is not working!
luckilly it was still under warranty
just now took out my mouse again
coz i forgot to buy a new one from jb
den found my tis "spoiled mouse" is working!
planned to go clubbing tis week
hope can go one time
i dunno hows the club look like in singapore

its not BANG


Wednesday, April 28, 2010
#114 11:23 AM

actually i planned to blog once a week


sometimes i dunno wad to blog

n seems like nth much can blog



as u all know

we r fine

i wanted to let it stop

but we couldnt

sometimes i hope we r like normal ppl

tis is wad r we goin to do for our final year project

from Mac OS transfer to Android platform

actually i tink tat tis is a very good project too

since we no need to tink of new logo

new application name, design, bla bla bla

majority are all in coding

although it might be a very new language

but i tink we can cope with it well ^^

last thursday supposed to meet with the Aljunied town council

but he was sick

postponed to tis coming thursday

n till now we still not very sure wad we have done so far is correct onot

since we got LOTs of question need to clarify with him

if he provide us the database

we will be quite easy to start our work

but if not

we will goin to b very headache to do all the things

lincoln said he will try to get it for us


phase I report are all SDT stuff

diagrams n diagrams, report and minutes

oh ya

last thursday was the first lesson of PCM at 6pm - 10pm


i n wanyu felt tat the night lesson is better

we both felt very awake tat day


not like last time afternoon lesson

we keep on cannot concentrate

and feel sleepy

but last week we r fine ^^

it was a big class coz no more 2 PCM classes le

it had combined to one class le

n it consists of 33 ppl if i m not wrong

still Dr Loo teach us

hope tis sem, the last sem for PCM

i can score well ^^

Tuesday, April 20, 2010
#113 11:32 AM

last friday
last 3 days of holiday b4 sch starts
5+1 went marina barrage to fly kite and picnic
meet 3.30pm but everyone were late except wanyu
we brought sandwiches, snacks, junk food, agr-agar, jelly, watermelon, cake, drinks ...
reach there around 5++pm
and it was raining!!
too bad cant have picnic on the grass
we sat under the shelter ther
luckilly after a while rain stopped ^^

nick and some of us tried to fly the budget dragonfly kite
but it was unsuccessful
again n again
the dragonfly fly up and down
in the end
we just watched other kites on the sky

oh ya
thanks miao for the winnie the pooh poker card from taiwan
n the little girl keychain

sunday when i goin to work as usual
pass by the body shop at raffles link ther
saw tis apple perfume!
since last time my sis bought it from france n it was limited edition ther
i had find it for ages!
n now it is finally back n having promotion!
but the salesgirl say the smell is similar
n tis is not the green apple
its the sparkling apple
it still smell nice
the perfume only sell at $12.90 and the body mist costs $9.90
so cheap
i called to my sis camp and asked her whether she wan the body mist
but she now in camp n no need tat
so i just bought the perfume which the original price was $22.90
and tat day was last day of promotion!!
so lucky~

first day back to school
reach sch 10.30am for first lesson which is advanced java programming
first lesson, nothing much
released at 11.00am

meet lincoln 1.30pm to discuss our project
after we think of our page layout, what information needed and design bla bla
he called us and asked whether wan to change to another project
which is external project n got outside supervisor de
since he tink our programming skills is better than other
but till now
another group de student haven tell him whether accept the changes onot
so today...
no need go to sch
can cancel tml class as well?

actually wanted to celebrate my best fren bdae tis wednesday
but last minute lincoln told us tat ther is a FYP mass lecture on wednesday 3-6pm
for first 2 weeks
it end at 6pm!!!!
sure cannot rush back since tat time is peak hour
custom sure jam
and my next day lesson starts on 8am
thursday: 8am - 10pm
14 hours in school
haiz haiz
4 hours of math
i need sweets to wake me up

den for next wednesday
i wanted to go back home as well
since my sis's 21st bdae falls on tat day
n my eldest sis coming back from camp!
mayb let me go back on monday?
it finally ended bcoz we know it could nvr be puppy love

Saturday, April 10, 2010
#112 11:27 PM

last monday

went JP look for tara n meiru

it have been so long i nvr meet meiru le

she still the same

so 38


we went eat Ding Tai Fung

the dumplings are so NICE

n the spicy wanton

yummy yummy

den we bought 10 pieces of durian puffs

and each of us one cup of bubble tea

back to the Stationery island shop and have small party ther


hope boss din watch the cctv video tat day

promised. next time go take neoprint ^^

timetable is OUT

omg.. the FYP took half of the week

n it shows how important it is

after remove the HOTP

c... we so slack!


last week of holiday le

must play hard enjoy hard

looking forward our picnic n play kite tgt next week


my sis goin to the camp for NS tml

all the best shereen

i will miss u

muacks! =D

Friday, March 26, 2010
#111 10:51 PM

monday (22/03/10)
went sembawang there play badminton with miao n nick
carina is the one who told me need to bring racket n bla bla bla
but in the end she slept until 11am
last time i wore couple shirt with nick
which is the SPSU shirt
while tis time round i wore the couple shirt with miao
which is marsiling shirt
n brought the couple racket bag with nick
we start the game around 11.30am
it was a SUNNY day
c my face so red~~~
coz i forgot to put on sunblock
dark spots goin to appear on my face again

after half an hour we played under the sun
we move inside the shelter ther n continue
it was TOO hot larh

c the sun so BIG

n we are all YONEX supporter

wednesday (24/03/10)
our year 2 sem 2 results was released on tat day
but the day b4 wednesday
i stayed until 1am
just tried to wait for the result send to our ichat mail
saw jasmine post the msg on FB tat
results will b out on 2am for ichat
8am for sms
10am in SAS
i was so nervous n scared of my results
i really tink tat i cant score well coz tis sem we got the marketing module
i din slept well tat nite
n woke up 8+am on wednesday
the results was OKAY lar ^^
i m so happy n satisfied with it
i got a B+ for the marketing module and HOTM
n no C tis sem
when i read the sms
n saw the gpa
i was so relieved
n told my mum about it
mum was glad for me
n dad r waiting for the result slip send back home

heard tat most of us had increase our gpa tis sem
slightly pull up abit of the cumulative gpa le
lets work hard tgt for the last sem in sch

Friday, March 12, 2010
#110 9:37 PM

like usual
still working
sometimes back to sch
n start tinking of FYP thingy
it is goin to be a VERY BIG project
n consist of 16 credits?
went back sch tis morning
to discuss of our project proposal
when we goin to finish
we make a call to Mr Chong to ask smth
n found tat we no need to do tat proposal!!
wad we need to do is submit the grouping form by today onli
i still stay in spore since tml n sunday goin to work
winnie asked me to help for work today
but i refused..
n said i need to back sch for reason
actually i wan wash clothes, sweep floor, mop floor, mop all the corners and wash the fan
of my commonwealth tat rented room
it were sooooo dusty
last tuesday
after FYP briefing
actually 5+1 were planned to go to relax n have fun at East Coast Park
but since xl's aunt came visit her tat day
so she went home
n the gay
which is hf
joined us with his smelly body
as he din shower tat morning b4 go sch!
mayb bcoz of his smelly body
he was quite unlucky tat day
first, he lead us alight at the wrong bus stop
den he went to a PRIVATE PROPERTY resort to shit
n makes the security guard copy his IC
of coz its not bcoz of he shit
i dun tink the inside is so nice or luxury or wadever
even if we r wrong at the first place
the security guard should stopped us b4 we went in
n i will forever rmb tat place
Gxxxxxxt Resort
last few days
dajie n me accompanied my erjie went to the Dorsett Hotel for interview
it is a weird weird hotel
the lobby only got 2 sofas
n we 3 person can occupied it
after we park the car, we need to walk up the quiet and scary staircase
den need to go to another building
den onli can reach the lobby
compared to the Mandarin Oriental
it was much luxury!
it was a successful interview
but since my sis study in local U
the company is not goin to give any allowance for her internship
not even 5 cents
but there is parking lot
free meals
n near my house
so.. my sis still considerate about it

I wanted to watch Alice in the Wonderland sooooo much
waiting for my fren off day to go watch it
hope i can watch it on next wed!

Monday, March 8, 2010
#108 10:08 PM

my ex-colleague bought new hp
LG Lollipop!!
she got the pink one
n it was sooooo cute lar~
but a bit big also
she is the one taught me to knit too
my teacher~~
but.. something happened n she quit already

start knitting last week
n it is rilly not an easy job
as for me a beginner
first, i bought wrong knit needle
its too thick
den the yarn was not so good
but colour was fine
den when i start knit
i tink i undo everything n redo around 10 times!
knit.. purl... knit... purl..
now it is slightly longer le
but i also found tat i din do much when i was in jb
everyday go out or watching down with love
mayb i need spend 1 month to complete it??
Stationery Island is selling caps
caps from korea?
since we have nth to do
we played around n be the model for the caps
boss bought us BB cream n mask from korea
thx ya!

tml goin FYP briefing on 9am
so de early sia
den after tat we will go east coast park cycling?
shall blog when i got the photo tml

Sunday, February 28, 2010
#107 12:21 AM

here comes the update!
last 2 weeks
busy with exams n exams
although should say that
busy with alot of fun
n last minute den study
but i tink SDT n PCM paper is quite ok
but... sapp.. lost faith le.. arrrhhh~
the question say For Each Loop
i use For Loop?

next tuesday ECM is the last paper
n i goin to start study on MON
pro rite!
no disturb on monday ya

chinese new year is goin to end
tis year, less and less angpau lar
i miss carina's father misgiven tat angpau
xl's parents so RE QING on order pizza, buy popiah~
wanyu's house tat game
n miss wong's house

tis year
we went nick's house for mahjong!
yeah, he is indian so no celebrate chinese new year
means no new year biscuits and ang pau
3 girls went his house for mahjong last time but i n car were absent
tis time round
5 + 1 are all present!
so we need to take turns to play

the first game was my first game on playing mahjong LIVE
physically play mahjong
not like viwawa, not internet
is real life playing
like so much fun actually
but dunno how many round we played i only won 2 round nia
but i won for the first round
tot tat day luck very good
who knows the short hair red shirt girl won all my money!
lose $1.60 for mahjong session
den continue with card games so everyone can join
even Ban La i also lose $0.50
i remembered i won money last year!!!!

just now was talking to miao on our holiday activity
she suggest mayb we can go some kind of island?
Pulau Bintan , Pulau Bantam, Pulau Kuku, Sentosa......
n bla bla bla
y not come my house n SLACK
of coz is jb house n i know most of u girls cannot

end of march miao goin taiwan n wanyu will start work next week
again, we will have less outing

mum changed my bedsheet
n now my bedsheet is moomoo~~~
c, u guys gave me de pooh sleep with me everyday when i was in jb house
and i still put on the plastic so NO DUST
no need clean
but my others pooh all without plastic
n i tink they are full with dust in another room
poor thing~

Aunty meiru asked me for lunch
so happy but recent got abit busy bcoz of the exam and work
i will try my best to c how to arrange the time so we 3 can having lunch tgt~~

Tuesday, February 16, 2010
#106 10:51 PM

Happy Chinese New Year + Happy Belated Valentines!!

I dun tink it is good tat valentines falls on first day of chinese new year
for girls, they should accompany boys?
den how bout their family?
for boys, bring along girl for cny and will meet all his family?
wad if a while later break up ?
but luckilly it din trouble me
for me, anyday can be valentines
thanks car for the valentines cookies
it was so SWEET

oh ya
i lost my winnie the pooh mouse pad
sorry xueling
tis is the first christmas present received from u
yet i dare to lost it
last thursday
went back sch coz having MPRG assignment interview
n it was quite smooth
after interview
went T12 to complete my gems assignment
intend to finish up by 12 or 1pm
as u all know
i always wan to back JB as early as possible one
in the end i left at 5pm smth
waited gems lecturer to lend us the video cam
den go filming outside the classroom
inside the classroom
and at the first floor
to get more scene shot n den can choose
actually both of us need 1 minutes of introduction for each
but i really dunno wad to say
so briefly talk bout the assignment i m doin on
n end the introduction
so i tink i only got 40-45 sec?
at first i wanted to give up tis intro part
since the classroom is occupied during 1-3pm
but my partner dun let me give up u know!
mayb it's good for US
so went FC4 lunch tgt
n tat is the place i forgot to take my mouse pad i tink
when we were back to the lab
n goin to transfer the video to comp
there's another problem
n the lab assistant is away!
means we need to WAIT again
watch youtube while waiting
n my partner was doin her assignment
luckilly after he was back
problem solved
n i can very quickly proceed to the edit video part

Adobe CS series is good
i was using the ulead studio to edit my video at first
so many problems!
when i use adobe premier pro
everything ok
n finally
i completed my gems assignment
which takes 40% of tis module

we not back on tat day nite
tat day was the last day my sis work in spore
for her tis current job
for some personal reason
she left the company
so when she reached jb home
around 9pm++ le
so we back on next morning which is on friday
4 of us took LRT to times square n sungei wang
shop shop shop
first day of chinese new year
tried my best to put on the eyelashes by myself
n i DID it
the last few times i wore it was done by my sis or fren
although i got some help from my sis too for tis time
but i tink i slowly can put it on myself le
i tink tis year ang pau will less than last year
my aunt also cant understand y sch dun wan let us exam b4 CNY
n directly go vacation after CNY
so we can totally have a nice CNY
nice break
n nice holiday

my cousin was hugging on the little twin pooh